Discovery curates a live feed of top influencer images automatically linked to your website from social media. The images bring products to life and signal to users that they are must-haves. All of the images are shoppable, with links to purchase similar items from your store.


Story is a seamless addition to your website that provides relevant stories about fashion and your products. Your users can read about latest trends, how-to guides and event or news coverage. Each story is shoppable, with links to purchase similar items from your store.

Key Benefits

High Quality Content

We believe content is king. Our solution curates the highest quality visual content from top micro-influencers from social media. Don’t settle for anything less than the best for your business.

Shoppable Content

The point where discovery and purchase meet is magic. We believe all content should be shoppable. Bllush’s solutions are designed to match content with similar products your store sells, while providing users the option to purchase the same “look” from your website.

Simple Integration

Technology can get complicated and messy. Ours isn’t. One of our focus points is making the website integration as easy as possible. With installation time just under 15 minutes, we’ll get you up and running in no time.

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