An e-Commerce Executive’s Guide:
How to Do Influencer Marketing for Online Retailers the Right Way

In today’s era, differentiating your online store is difficult due to the competition.

Your e-commerce and marketing teams need to continuously adapt their techniques to compete with the other players, in the ever-changing retail landscape.

Influencer marketing for online retailers provides an exceptional ROI (when done right).

It can drive shoppers conversions, increase engagement, and brand awareness.

An Influencer Marketing Hub survey from 2018 showed that businesses made 400% ROI (on average) for every one dollar they invested in influencer marketing.

This Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing for Online Retailers is an in-depth 3-part video tutorial:

  • Part 1: Influencer Marketing Fundamentals
  • Part 2: How to Acquire the Right Influencers and Work with them
  • Part 3: How to Successfully Orchestrate Your First Influencer Marketing Campaign


The content in the video guide is specifically for fashion or home-decor e-Commerce companies.