How It Works?

Overview of the different elements in Bllush’s content engine

1. Detect Trends

Index all products on website and identify “trends”   
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2. Match with Visuals

Locate images and videos of the trends on social media
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3. Create Content

Customize the look & feel of the content published
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1. Detect Trends

Our trend technology scans all the products sold on your store. It then reviews all the texts and images to look for interesting clusterings that could be bundled together as a “trend”. These trends are later transformed into a Story using licensed influencer content.

Text Attribute Analysis

Our software scans and indexes all the text attributes within your product set. This includes basic fields such as title, description, color, as well as unstructured data mostly found in long description fields.

Visual Search Analysis

We don’t rely just on text – our solution scans all the product images and searches for visual attributes to add truly remarkable results.

2. Match with Visuals

Our influencer solution works efficiently to find your store the best visual assets sourced from social media. Use our software to connect with influencers using various profile types – all to find you the perfect fit.


Influencer Targeting

We understand that your store has a unique set of visitors. You want to display content that fits your target audience. Using our software, you can request to only recieve images that come from influencers in a certain country or style.

Image Requirements

Your brand represents something unique. Only publish images that fit your brand style by using our comprehensive classification of styles.

3. Create Content

Choose the offering that best suits you.


Leveraging Influencers images to increase the attention of your products and signal shoppers that they are must-haves


Looking for engaging ways to showcase your diverse product catalog while generating high-quality content?

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