400% More “Add To Cart” Clicks:

How User-Generated Content (UGC) Convert More Shoppers Into Buyers

In this increasingly price-driven competitive landscape, e-commerce companies need now more than ever shortcuts to convert more shoppers into buyers.

Online shoppers desire deeper connections with online brands, the demand for genuine content is more powerful than ever.

user-generated content (UGC) for online retailers provides an exceptional ROI (when done right).
It can drive shoppers conversions, increase engagement, and generate excellent content easily.

In this report, you can see how UGC images got 400% more “Add to Cart” clicks in comparison to the standard product image.

About Bllush

Bllush makes it easy to convert shoppers into buyers.

Detecting your shoppers’ trends, creating relevant, high-quality content and drive them straight to your product pages

We’re a software company specializing in developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for the online retail market.

Using Bllush’s platform, fashion and home decor retailers can easily publish high quality, licensed content directly to online store shoppers.

Bllush’s platform is trusted by the biggest e-Commerce brands in fashion and home decor industries, such as Zalando and Myntra.

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