Can ONE THING Really Double Your Online Store Revenue In 2019?

Only for a fashion or home decor e-Commerce companies

 Are you part of a team (participating or managing) that actively WORKING to convert online shoppers into buyers … 

Then this page may be one the most important pages you’ll ever visit.


I’m going to share with you (for free) the most successful workshops I’ve ever made for my team.

And show you how to apply the actions and insights on your company’s online store.

The reason I wrote “most successful workshops” is because …

The most efficient and consistent way to convert online shoppers into buyers

Let’s be honest,

Who cares about how many online shoppers you drive into your products pages.

It’s all about the CONVERTING SHOPPERS INTO BUYERS, right?

Imagine what could happen if you found an efficient and consistent way to convert online shoppers into buyers…

Imagine how that could change your company…

If you could implement it and get the support, you might double your company online store revenue…

But finding this system can be hard.

And time-consuming: it can take you years of trial and error.

And costly: probably hundreds of thousands (if not more) of Euros wasted on avoidable mistakes.

The good news is,

You can take part in online workshops for converting shoppers into buyers:

  • The Ultimate Checkout Page: the ten elements your checkout page needs to reduce your cart abandonment rates, convert more buyers and make higher revenue.
  • The Ultimate Cart Abandonment Handling Campaign: 70% of online shopping carts get abandoned. Get the most effective multi-touch campaign to recover lost shoppers.
  • The Ultimate Ad Formula: No matter where and how you run your advertising campaigns, the success depends on your ads. This program focus on the five critical elements of a successful ad.

I call it: The Ultimate Shoppers Into Buyers Conversion System.

Does That Sound Like Something You Want?



Before You Apply, Let Me Be Honest:

This is not for any e-commerce business

This program is by invitation only.

And we limit the number of companies who can take part to 20.

Here’s The “Catch” You’ve Been Looking For:

It’s simple.

We can’t (and won’t) give it to any e-commerce company.

To invest our time and energy into providing you with The Ultimate Shoppers Into Buyers Conversion System for free, you need to meet some strict (but reasonable) criteria.

Here they are:

1) Industry: your company’s industry one of those:

  • Fashion (Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Accessories)
  • Home Decor (Interior Design or Furniture)

2) Least annual of online sales is 20-Million US dollars

3) Least Number of SKUs/products: your online store has at least 1,000 SKUs/products

Here’s How To Apply:

If you feel like this is right for you, fill out an application form before the remaining spots fill up, and you miss out on this opportunity for good.


Thanks so much for investing your time reading this

Look forward to seeing you in the workshops

Guy Alfia

Head of Marketing



P.S. this isn’t one of those fake scarcity sentences, we limited the number of people we accept.

If you are serious about achieving your online store revenue goal, this program will be great for your company.

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