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Integration Between Bllush and Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Here are few combinations that are entirely better with each other — Bacon and Eggs; Cookies and Cream Ice Cream; Burger and Fries.And now, you can add Bllush and Google Tag Manager (GTM) to that list.We know it’s not food, but this integration will make the person...

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The Top 7 Questions about Shoppers Conversion

You’ve done everything so far you can think of, thought about possible reasons on why your e-commerce store doesn't accomplish your monthly revenue goals. But still, nothing has come to your mind that can fix the situation.   These are seven questions that you need to...

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The Top 5 Five Shoppers To Buyers Conversion Mistakes

When the revenue figures are not as high as you expected, it can often be traced back to reasons that can be fixed. Especially in e-commerce, there are simple steps to make to improve shoppers to buyers conversion. To understand why the sales numbers are not going up,...

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Amp up your content with Bllush

Social media shapes the way we shop online. Studies show that social content affects 87% of customer choices. In response, online retailers began embedding the Social into their platforms. This allows them to accommodate more engaging content and attract more...

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Is Instashop enough?

There is no better way to get to the millennial hearts today than with great user generated content (UGC). The fact is that today, young shoppers want to get inspired by young influencers. Research taken by Yotpo discovered 77% of users prefer seeing customer photos...

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How a Smart Content Platform Can Help Home24

There is no doubt that content marketing is still the king and e-commerce giants keep increasing their content marketing budget. And content creation is the biggest item within that budget (32% according to a research by Target Marketing) Indeed, if you are a company...

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