Mini-articles your users will love


Story is a seamless addition to your website that provides relevant stories about fashion and your products. Your users can read about latest trends, how-to guides and event or news coverage. Each story is shoppable, with links to purchase similar items from your store.



Every e-commerce store is unique. Each generated story is created exclusively for your store with 100% original content. All images are fully licensed from the original owners.

Shoppable Format

Stories are generated according to trends and events relevant to your target audience. Each story is linked to items you sell, showing users why they want them and where to buy them.

Full Control

Every brand has their own style. You will be supplied with a dashboard that allows you to select which stories are displayed on your site. Or let our software manage it for you.


Easily define your target audience with age groups, geographic locations, and price ranges to get content relevant for your brand. These settings can be played around with as much as needed to get it perfect.

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