Visual stories showcasing trends found on your store


Looking for engaging ways to showcase your diverse product catalog while generating high-quality content? Let our Trend Detection technology find interesting groupings of products within your inventory. Those trends are then matched to influencer images for an explosive effect. Add a few lines of text in your brand voice and click publish – voilà!


Editorial Control

Story provides the newest trends for your customers, along with influencer images and products. Your content team can then edit the suggested trend to make sure it is in line with your brand voice. Our dashboard allows you to stay in control of the whole process.

Featured Content Control

We understand that you only want to show a certain subset of products within the Story page. Easily add business rules to control what types of products will be featured (e.g. Only show products not on sale / Only show products above $100…etc.)

Product Synchronization

Bllush connects to your existing product catalog seamlessly via a CSV/XML or API based product feed. The product recommendations are then updated when a product goes out of stock or no longer meets one of the business rules.


Trend Detection

Bllush’s technology creates trend predictions by indexing the product catalog and analysing all the available text and visual attributes. Trends are created ad-hoc for each store by using the characteristics of products sold.


Easily add Story to your online store using either Javascript for fast integration or the Bllush API for a 100% customizable experience.

UGC Database

We source our content from an in house database, consisting of micro-Influencer content from all around the world. Easily customize your content requests regarding publication date, country, target audience etc.

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