Why Bllush?

Our inspiring content will transform your product landing pages and increase conversion rates by 12%. 

Our content                               

✔️ Produced by micro-influencers on Instagram

✔️ Covers 80% of your product catalog

✔️ Low quality images are filtered out 

✔️ Follows a strict quality standard

✔️ Approved by local Bllush Ambassadors


The team                                                


We are an experienced team with an extensive track record of providing high quality user content to progressive online retailers. 

Bllush employees come from different backgrounds, possess valuable expertise, and are committed to changing the future of the online shopping experience. 


How we stack up

We are able to increase top-line revenue by 9.6% because we cover 80% of products. Other UGC Platforms increase top-line revenue by 0.6% because they only cover 3% of products.

✔️ High product coverage percentage                                                            

✔️ Higher business impact


Our approach

By enforcing a quality standard and working with a community of micro-influencers, Bllush is able to differentiate itself from the competition.

If you want to learn more about how our approach is different from other UGC platforms, read our latest blog post! 


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